What’s the secret?

What’s the secret?

Like most aspiring entrepreneurs I thought that starting my business would be a breeze! I figured that all I needed to be successful was some bomb handbags, a flawless website, and a memorable name. That’s it! I just assumed that the rest would work itself out. I quickly realized that I was sooo wrong lol! Entrepreneurship is no joke! Being a boss sounds amazing until you actually have to work late hours, sacrifice time and money, make definitive decisions, and be consistent. Had I known what it took to run a business back when I started AMAKA two years ago, I wouldn’t have launched it. Thank God I had no clue!

Because since I started in 2019, I have met goals that I didn’t even know were attainable! God has blessed this brand so much that it’s even started blessing others. Something that was just a passion project has turned into a growing business that has gained the attention of celebrities such as Blac Chyna, Kehlani, Taylor Giavasis & the like. Most importantly, I’ve been able to grow a community of AMAKA #Shoppers from the US to Nigeria that have coined our phrase #RedefiningLuxury and made it a lifestyle. It is because of you that AMAKA continues to grow! Even in a panoramic, yes I said pandemonium, #Shoppers continued to support my black-owned business through multiple purchases, reposts, likes on social media, & referrals! I am forever grateful for your love and endless support. YOU are what makes AMAKA successful. Thank you!

The fashion and retail industry has changed so much since I’ve started this business two years ago and we at AMAKA plan to change with it! But one thing will remain the same. We commit to providing you with the luxury experience you deserve.

This is, and will forever be, AMAKA.

Featured handbag: Zikora in black. Find it here!

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