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Article: Amaka Handbags & Accessories Launch Campaign

Amaka Handbags & Accessories Launch Campaign

Amaka Handbags & Accessories Launch Campaign

When I decided to launch AMAKA I knew that I wanted  to create a brand that transcended all styles of fashion. I wanted inclusivity of all races modeling a luxury style that felt exclusive to each consumer. AMAKA has become just that. It's a mood, a lifestyle, a vibe...and it's precious.

Model Pictured: @smallss_

Not only is there an elegance represented in our handbags & accessories, there’s an edge. Amaka Edge represents the bold woman who’s willing to take risks in fashion. Our featured models in this launch campaign brought the EDGE that complemented their elegance perfectly.

Pictured hair stylist: @alwaysLMAO, Model: @taylertrashh

Being that this was my very first shoot for Amaka Handbags & Accessories, I strategically hired my amazing & creative friends to help bring my vision to life. Trust me when I say, they showed up & showed out! There was no better feeling than doing what I love surrounded by the ones I love! I’m sooo blessed.

Makeup artist pictured: @nashwakhaled

Shoot photographers: @isi.rose_ & @tiffanycouture_ 

Shoot videographers: @k.ndrick

Model pictured: @valerie.union


I’m so overwhelmed by the love and support of Amaka Handbags & Accessories. I thank God every day for the opportunity to do what I love! This is more than just a collection of retail, this is redefining luxury.

Welcome to the Amaka Experience!

We’ve got something precious in store for you 💫


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Fabulous handbags, where can I buy them I. London?

Josephine Howell

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