Amaka x Royal Way Designs

Amaka x Royal Way Designs

When my long-time friend and CEO of RoyalWayDesigns, Samuel Os Eze, reached out to collaborate with AMAKA for the launch of his Royal Women’s Collection, I was all the way sold! I couldn’t think of a better way to introduce myself as the CEO of Amaka Handbags & Accessories Co.  The thought of wearing traditional African fabric, custom designed with a modern-day twist had me all the way lit! Royal Way Designs specializes in creating timeless traditional pieces for their clientele, and this outfit was no exception! I wore a gorgeous teal jumper, tapered at the ankle, with patterned accents of red, green, and white. As he would have it, Os decided to create a signature sweetheart neckline and coupled it with a bowtie belt to accentuate my waist. I was so impressed with the finishing! Not only was the design unique, but it was custom designed to my liking. As soon as I saw the piece I immediately knew that the Amaka Croc Handbag Petite in white would be the perfect accessory to bring this outfit to life!

During our photoshoot, I got a chance to ask Os of his reason behind wanting to start a women’s line with Royal Way Designs.

“My reason for creating a women’s line for my brand was because I knew I couldn’t leave out the women who also want to look and feel like royalty in my clothes. I had so many ideas and styles that I’d been working on that women could wear to formal events and even walk around in casually. Furthermore, the demand for me to make women’s clothing were at a high once they saw the impeccable work I did for my men’s line.  Hence the creation of Royal Women.”

 One thing’s for sure, the Royal Women's Collection is the new wave of elite African fashion, and it's here to slay. 

Royal Way Designs can be found on Instagram @RoyalWayDesigns.

Image Credit: Photos by @x_sammyb on Instagram.


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