AMAKA x DimmaChic

AMAKA x DimmaChic

There are these rare, yet beautiful moments in life that only come when you meet someone who ignites a fire in you that could only be sparked through understanding your vision. It was in that moment when @chidimmaugha and I sat down to discuss being on the cover of DimmaChic Magazine that I knew she understood the essence of AMAKA. She understood the vision. She understood me. With each unique piece in our collection, we at AMAKA  intended to give fashion-lovers the freedom to embrace culture, art, and creativity, with the audacity to redefine what it means to be luxurious. This is our vision. DimmaChic so brilliantly captured that vision all while telling my story of exploring, creating, and following a passion that has become the AMAKA that you see today. It was an honor to say the least.

DimmaChic is a multi-faceted site dedicated to celebrating African culture through fashion. There you’ll find your favorite styles, designers, trendsetters, and shakers all in one place for your viewing pleasure. Immersed in African culture, DimmaChic also curates thought-provoking and relevant essays, challenging readers to accept the unexpected. This month’s muse: AMAKA.

Our vision behind this shoot was to showcase my style as an African working woman bridging the gap between Amaka Handbags & Accessories Co. and traditional African fashion as styled by @mimiidynasty. It was only right that we sought out the incredibly talented @tiffanycouture_ for this shoot. I previously worked with Tiffany on our Launch Campaign for AMAKA and that experience was nothing short of AMAZING. This DimmaChic cover shoot was no exception. Tiffany’s eye, Chidimma’s zeal, & the beauty of Amaka Handbags & Accessories made for the perfect photo shoot experience.

In working with this team of inspiring and creative women, I’ve come to realize that there are no boundaries when it comes to fashion. The boundaries that are implied are based on the limitations we’ve placed on ourselves. Fashion is limitless. It’s transcendent, and in that respect, gives us the audacity to bridge cultures, challenging the consumer to not only see, but understand our vision.

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Image Credit: Photos by @tiffanycouture on Instagram



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